Saturday, August 18, 2007


Out of the many things we respect in people, humility and humbleness is something that I consider very high. We are bound to have experiences that happen to us during the time we exist in this world and this is inevitable. I do not know for sure what determines a person to have a certain experience. It could be the parents and the family he/she is born in, the community, time, place, luck, chance, etc. But we as humans tend to think that what we have seen in our little life is the greatest experience of them all. Do we necessarily have to talk about our lives to let other people know what we have done and does talking about it really help. Psychologically it can be said that it helps create a reputation among the people we interact with but sub-consciously it starts to eat away away the little bit of humbleness left in us when it shouldn't even be a factor that should account for anything. This is not to say that we should not share our experiences with others, had Buddha not shared the knowledge that he attained during his nirvana or enlightenment we would never had known so many concepts about life that we believe in. All of us, at some point in our lives, have done things that we may not be too proud of and we may sometimes even be ashamed of. This is definitely not something that only an idealist thinks of but something that we all know and have it in us but just choose to ignore. To be humble is the greatest quality that one can cultivate. We must realize that we have all had our experiences that has allowed us to be where we are right now and in its own way every experience that one has is the greatest experience for that person and it does not accentuate what we have done by talking about it.