Saturday, July 7, 2007


Too many times have I come across some very interesting facts that enforces my opinion that humans are by far the luckiest creatures to have lived/are living on this planet. We have so many imperfections in us which the typical animal kingdom is very unforgiving of. The old adage "Only the fittest will survive" is given an entirely new definition in our dictionary. Irrespective of how strong/weak we are, how smart/stupid we can be, we are still living and competing against each other, largely in a healthy way. I have very high hopes for the survival of our species and have no words to explain the intricacies of a system that we have established, if not perfected. A system where we still live together, most importantly, being aware of the differences in us.

There seems to be little reason in discrediting the fact that we are very similar to animals in so many ways and it would not be too preposterous to use that as a excuse to explain the way we do certain things. Some may call it the "animal instinct", but whatever the name, it exists in all of us, irrespective of where we are from. It's more or less like the involuntary ability in a new born to start breathing the minute it enters this world. It is not something that is taught and yet this process continues until the end of its life.

I may be contradicting myself but being such imperfect creatures, we have also perfected many things both as individuals and together as humans. This makes me question myself if we have evolved in our social interactions with others and have we perfected it or are we still in the process of learning? Just like the other questions that I have put before, the answer is pretty ambiguous. All living things have an innate ability to follow an adaptive pattern to learn/improve the various social as well as psychological complexities existing in our society. We learn from our mistakes to attain a balance, maybe even perfection as seen in some cases. This is the same principle behind a child learning not to touch something hot, possibly from its prior experience. Each experience may be entirely different from the other and so will the lesson learnt from that experience. This is strikingly similar to a bird that perfects the art of making a nest or a leopard performing an flawlessly orchestrated act of hunting down its prey.

So all it takes is our effort to be open to experiencing different things and most importantly learning from those experiences/relationships/
events that occur in our lives and we will make less mistakes and be more forgiving of other's just by realizing how imperfect we truly are.

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