Saturday, July 7, 2007

Questions of conflict

Many of us, at various instances of time might have been faced by questions that we may not have answers to. Is love being able to forgive? what is conscience? do mistakes need to be forgiven? what is fear?

We have all learnt to perceive life in our own ways. Our childhood, family, friends, experiences have all gone into becoming the person that we are. It is rather an accumulation of our experiences and thoughts over a long period that actually help us make decisions, rationalize our behavior, criticize another person etc. We all have different experiences in our lives and this is what makes us react differently to different situations that we may face. Just as there needs to be a control over desire, food, work etc, our mind needs some form of a control too.

When we are about to commit a mistake the voice inside us that holds us back from committing that mistake or the voice that urges us to admit and apologize for a mistake already committed, is the voice of conscience. We must learn to listen to this voice. What after the action is committed, do we forgive ourselves/others and move on? The answer is yes and no. The best way to find out is by asking yourself and listening to your heart and again by questioning your own conscience. It cannot be denied that it takes a lot of courage to accept ones mistake and take responsibility just as it takes a person full of love and a big heart to forgive.

J Krishnamurti, a great philosopher once said "Love is intelligence and intelligence means sensitivity i.e., to be sensitive to the situation. And the situation, if you are sensitive, will tell you what to do. But if you are insensitive, if you are already determined what to do, if you are hurt by what you have done, then insensitive action takes place".. Sometimes it is only much later that we realize how much something means to us and thats when we develop regret, grief and fear. "Fear can exist only in relationship of something else". The understanding of fear is the first step towards freedom from it. To understand fear, we must come directly in contact with it, face it and not run away from it and when you do this, you will realize how calm your mind gets". Do not get attached to anything so much that the fear of losing it, takes over you. Realize that love born from giving is far greater than love itself.

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