Saturday, July 7, 2007


there are times when I feel
that life's such an empty journey
through which I am traveling
unaware of who I am
or where I am heading
where people around me
change as the seasons
and situations arise
without any reasons

there are times when I feel lonely
lonelier than the leaf that
whithers off the tree
trying hard to believe that
I am not the only one
but ending up feeling
god has been unfair to me

there are times when I think
think about my past
not waiting for a miracle
but wishing I'd be a kid again
and hoping against hope
that this time it would last
forever and ever

there are times when I feel
that growing up is such a sin
a sin that is bestowed upon us by god
a sin that everyone has to commit
there are times when I question myself
who is more purer than god
who can love us without anything in return
who can be loved
more than we could love ourselves
whose smile can last in our memories forever
whose touch can make you feel closer to god
and I hear a voice
the voice of my conscience
shouting out aloud
a child
a child is the answer to your question..


Colleen said...

Arvind, that was beautiful. Did you write that?

cutedesiPA said...

This was my favorite of your blogs... it was such a beautiful poem.

aK said...

@ Colleen Thank you and Yes of course.

@cutedesiPA Thank you! I am deeply humbled.