Saturday, July 7, 2007

science and religion

I have always wondered how science and religion, having been diametrically opposing concepts, have survived over such a long period of time and still continues to grow as well as coexist. It is interesting to note that what can't be explained by one is often deemed to be clarified by the other. One explains in the concept of god while the other believes in nature. If one were to carefully observe they are not so different after all.

I'd like to believe that religion was probably an institution that was established to quell the fears of the unknown, the things which were inexplicable to human intelligence. It has always been in human nature to fear something that it does not understand just as it is innate to try and attribute this unknown as someone or something that is real. So what if, religion was something that was created to play an important part in the evolving society, a part that was to quell the doubts and fears of our existence and innumerable other questions that might have intrigued people in that society? Well then it is very unfortunate that this very religion may have curtailed many human minds from thinking. The idea behind the true spirit of god seems to have been forgotten while the rigidity with which it is being practiced, further enforced.

We must consider ourselves lucky that we do live in a time where independent thought is encouraged and our freedom of expression nurtured. On the other hand, it is sad to see that most of us do not want to think anymore. We are contented to living a mundane life day after day, without ever questioning anything. Often, we justify this indifference by believing that it is beyond our intelligence to worry about something that may or may not exist! It is not to say that it is wrong for us to be happy and satisfied with what we have or to follow the rules that have been defined and established by other people. Not to digress from the topic, one must always question both science and religion, not deny or accept them blindly. We could not have formed fundamental concepts in science or religious beliefs if someone decided not to question what existed at that time. Religions that do not impose its ideas on people i.e., against their free will, that which evolves along with the ever changing society will continue to thrive for generations to come. Similarly, science will continue to grow and influence the society as long as we continue to challenge existing concepts and make an effort to come up with new ideas.

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