Saturday, July 7, 2007


How long ago was it that we really truly enjoyed the nature in its real splender? when was the last time we had the time and intent to listen to the rain pouring down or smell the earth before and after it rains, hear the early morning birds chirping or felt the warmth of sun seep through our body on a cold day. Isnt life really about enjoying such little and simple things of beauty without pretense or judgement? We have surrounded ourselves with objects that we think will give us happiness but in reality it only leads to a greater desire and accumulation of more things. Life is as much about simple pleasures as it is about those grandoise things. Realizing to appreciate our existence in this world will go a long way in making our lives more meaningful. Do not deny urself of this joy by taking anything/anyone for granted. We must enjoy life the way its meant to be enjoyed, without being opinionated, conceited or egotistic. It is in us to transform an ordinary and simple moment into a wonderful memory or even an exhilarating experience by just living it to the fullest..

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