Saturday, July 7, 2007


just a poem that I wrote a long time ago

I remember those days,
when I used to wake up
early in the the morning
and look at the world
with those tiny eyes
gleaming in the first
rays of sunshine
with intense love and great hope,
listening to the birds sing
the song of love
wondering what would be in store for me
not having the slightest idea
that every moment of my life
would become history
just like the ones gone by
and I remember seeing
the sun and the sky
the same old tree
with me passing by
I knew that just as nothing has changed them
so woudn' t I
little did i know
that I was a cocoon
at the mercy of time
which would turn me into a butterfly
with wings made of hate
and a heart full of pain and lie
a lie that was told the day I was born
a lie that still lives with me
from dusk to dawn...

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